Company Background

Cyberlogic was founded on 2006 by professionals with extensive experience in Travel & Tourism software applications and consulting services since 1998.
The company specializes in the field of software solutions for travel companies & tourism organizations such as:

    • Destination Management Companies & Organizations (DMCs & DMOs)
    • Incoming Travel Agencies
    • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
    • Tour Operators
    • Excursions/Tours/Packages Organizers
    • Hotel Management Companies
    • Transfers Management Companies

Cyberlogic Company Profile & Platform – Download: Cyberlogic e-Tourism Platform Download 

Cyberlogic Products Brochure – Download: Cyberlogic Products Brochure Download

Facts & Figures

  • In 2019 approx. 3.500.000 PAX/Tourists in total were processed through Cyberlogic e-Tourism Platform installations
  • Over >1.000 Employees – Back Office Users work on the system on a daily basis
  • Over >1.000 Reps – Users of Mobile Excursions & Apps on a daily basis
  • Over >10 Million XML Requests are processed daily, with approximately 0.15 Seconds average response time
  • Cyberlogic’s client portfolio includes several leading DMCs and Incoming Travel Agencies such as Meeting Point International, that serve a vast range of Tour Operators & OTAs across all European markets (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, etc) and other major markets such as UAE, Russia and former USSR countries, Turkey, United States.
  • Cyberlogic has successfully implemented interfaces with leading Tour Operators, OTAs, Travel Agencies and Travel Technology Companies such as HotelPlan Group, Jumbo Tours Online, Sunhotels, Anixe, Peakwork, Bewotec, TravelgateX, HotelBeds, ForthCRS
  • An international expansion plan across all major tourism destinations worldwide has been under implementation through collaborative projects
PAX Processed 2015
PAX Processed 2019

Future Developments

Cyberlogic future products and forthcoming services currently under research & development include:

  • Cyberlogic Online Distribution Marketplace to expand Cyberlogic’s clientele reach across the Travel & Tourism industry supply chain bringing together diverse Travel Services Suppliers & Buyers into a single platform – marketplace
  • Cyberlogic e-Tourism Cloud / SaaS Platform in order to minimize running costs, maximize reach & scalability and expand the current market share – client portfolio
  • Innovative Mobile applications to support travel companies’ daily operations management and control
  • Specialized B2C/B2B Applications on mobile & web platforms to facilitate Travel companies expansion to new market segments and travel distribution channels

Clients & Partners