Boost Your Travelers Satisfaction & Up-Sales Rates by Empowering them to: a) Plan their Trip & Discover Information about their Destination, b) Review their Booking Details and Receive Notifications Online, c) Search & Book Additional Travel Services Before & During their Stay on the Destination and d)Connect Online with their Destination Manager, being able to Request & Receive Support in an Instant!

Cyberlogic Cybertrips

Trip Plan

Travelers may review their trips anytime by online accessing their reservation files. Full information regarding all booked services is available to travelers, while they are also notified about departure transfer pickup time & status the moment it is confirmed/handled by the traffic department.

Destination Info

All Travelers access online all relevant information about their destination anytime (i.e. descriptions, interactive maps, photos & media), including information about the hotels they are staying.

Places to Visit

A comprehensive interactive list of recommended & available places to visit, based on the traveler’s destination. Travelers may search for places of interest and relevant activities based on multiple criteria (i.e. nearby – distance, name search, top spots/featured, promotions, types & categories such as monuments, landmarks, restaurants, etc). It is possible for the destination manager to promote featured places & activities to his travelers and send notifications for special offers & promotions.

Search & Book

Travelersare able to search & book online extra travel services such as excursions – tours, transfers, car hire and other ancillary services. Cybertrips application provides online availability & rates to travelers, to book & pay online. All reservations are online entered into the central reservation system of the destination manager for further processing. In addition all booked services are also promptly displayed in the Trip Plan for the traveler to review.

Contact & Support

Travelerscontact their destination manager in an instant by phone, email, social media, skype, etc. Cybertrips application also provides personalized support to Travelers, by providing the contact info of their allocated local Representatives on the destination. It is also possible for Travelers to rate services, provide reviews and also send &receive notifications (i.e. promotional or emergency notifications).

Cyberlogic Cybertrips - Connect with your Travelers

Connect with your Travelers

With CyberTrips Travelers can easily review & plan their trip online anytime. All booked travel services are available for the traveler to review, including possible notifications i.e. for departure transfer pickup times, schedule changes, etc.

Travelers are enabled to contact their destination manager & allocated representative anytime (phone, email, skype, social media, etc). They are also enabled to rate their experience & provide reviews for the travel services received.

Cyberlogic Cybertrips - Promote the Destination

Promote the Destination

Travelers connect online with their destination manager before, during and after their arrival on the destination. Their mobile phone becomes their trip companion to discover their destination.

Cybertrips provide the ability to Travelers to find information & reviews about nearby places, events, promotions, etc. Featured places & activities are also available for Travelers to review in order to obtain a 1st class experience during their stay on the destination.

Cyberlogic Cybertrips - Provide a Personalized  Experience

Provide a Personalized Experience

Travelers are enabled to search & book online travel services such as excursions – tours, transfers, car hire and other ancillary services, based on their preferences.

Destination managers & Reps are able to push personalized notifications & promotions to Travelers in order to yield & maximize local sales.

Cyberlogic Cybertrips - Expand your Reach Across  the Travel Supply Chain

Expand your Reach Across the Travel Supply Chain

Based on Traveler’s Life Cycle Model Destination Managers by definition directly affect Stage 4: Travel. CyberTrips application enables them to expand their reach effectively to all the other stages too, becoming a key player & influencer across the travel supply chain.

Destination managers could also provide CyberTrips as a value added service to their Tour Operators & Partners that wish to provide a premium service & experience to their Travelers. Each Tour Operator may distribute CyberTrips as an own branded mobile application to his Travelers, who are going to receive a personalized service & experience from the Destination Manager & Local Reps (on behalf of the Tour Operator).