e-Tourism Operations

Take advantage of this cutting edge IT solution to Automate Operations & Administration of your Travel Company. Manage & Streamline your business to achieve superior performance, scalability & control. e-Tourism Operations constitutes the core of the e-Tourism Platform that centrally manages all travel services (i.e. Hotels, Transfers, Excursions, Packages, Car Rentals, Tickets, Fees, Various & Other Services, etc).

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations

Product Management

Manage product inventory and descriptive content (multilingual descriptions & media content). Non-Bookable content is also available for all products. GIATTA integration, OTA & DRV Global Types codes are also supported.


Manage Purchasing & Sale contracts, with Contract Yielding and special offers management. Allocation & Stop Sales, with Allotment Plan. Easy sale tariffs builder and hard copy printouts to multiple formats (PDF, Excel, Word, etc). Supports contracts export to EDF, OTDS formats and XML/JSON Web Service API.


Manage reservations for all types of travel services, with auto NET/Sale price calculation. Charter/FIT/Groups–Incentives/On-Request reservations management. Manage travel documents and produce rooming lists, vouchers, booking position reports & allotment plans. Monitor operator productivity & track changes. Reservation statistics & performance monitor. Auto reservations imports from 3rd parties.

Ground Handling

Manage transfers and local excursions sales. Fleet management, order dispatching & yielding with auto cost calculation for bus, shuttle, taxi, ferry, etc. Organize traffic based on flights & ferries arrival/departure data and excursion transportation lists. Manage local sellers/reps excursions sales, with auto commission calculation and liquidation. Analytic performance statistics & yielding reports.


Auto create & send invoices, with Pro-forma invoicing for all travel services. Auto check Sale Invoices and reservations for non-invoiced amounts. Monitor Invoicing Balance compared to Client Payments. Export invoices to 3rd party accounting systems and to 3rd party electronic payment gateways. Easily produce Reports & Balance Statements.

Cost Control

Manage Cost Invoices and cross-check reservations cost prices. Monitor Cost Invoicing Balance compared to Supplier Payments. Export Cost invoices to 3rd party accounting systems and to 3rd party electronic payment gateways. Easily produce Reports & Balance Statements.

Financial Management

Manage and plan clients’ & suppliers’ payments based on their reservations balance or other payment terms/agreements. Produce Early Booking & Special Offer payment plans – statements, with balance of payments. Create accounting records and produce account statement reports.

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations - Manage your Product & Contracts

Manage your Product & Contracts

Effectively manage & promote your product with comprehensive descriptive content including Geo-Codes and photos – media. Connect with your partners and provide your product content in an instant, without any hassle.

Easily manage your purchase contracts and produce sale price catalogs (tariffs) based on multiple criteria & rules for different markets.

Take advantage of Sophisticated Purchasing & Sales yielding that facilitate on-time and competitive pricing for all types of markets and distribution networks.

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations - Automate your Operations

Automate your Operations

Fully manage all types of reservations and automate your sales & operations, with efficient reservations management with imports, auto price calculation, efficient quotation and allotment/allocation management. Easily produce all types of reservation lists & reports for clients & suppliers and eliminate operator errors.

Automate your invoicing and control your costs for all types of services. Fine-tune your payments & cash flows, in accordance with your accounts & financial policy.

Increase operator productivity and effectiveness by utilizing e-Tourism Operations user friendly interface & tools.

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations - Integrated Transportation – Traffic Management

Integrated Transportation – Traffic Management

Plan & Manage your traffic effectively for all types of transportation (bus, shuttle, taxi, ferry, etc) for transfers & excursions and organize dispatching in order to maximize your profitability and customer service quality.

Organize your fleet and your transfer suppliers effectively in order to eliminate errors and achieve undisrupted traffic flow, achieving outstanding customer service quality on the ground for all destinations.

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations - Fully Manage & Yield Excursion Sales

Fully Manage & Yield Excursion Sales

Organize effectively your excursions – tours sales on prebooked and local basis. Maximize your profitability for excursions sold by Reps & Sellers locally – on the ground. Auto calculate prices, liquidation/commissions, costs and plan your payments.

Optimize your sales & special offers – pricing for multiple destinations, across different sales channels (Local Reps/Sellers, B2B Agents, B2C, XML/Online, etc).

Maximize efficiency & operational performance for excursions, including traffic transportation & dispatching. Optimize logistics – pickups & scheduling for own organized and 3rd party excursions.

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations - Streamline, Optimize and Grow your Business

Streamline, Optimize and Grow your Business

Take control of your business and obtain a clear insight of the operation and performance of your company. A comprehensive set of statistics and reporting provide a concrete overview of your business outcome.

Easily gain access to real-time statistics and indexes anywhere & anytime with Cyberlogic e-Tourism MIS. Make the right decisions on time and maximize your business performance.

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations is a scalable solution that develops along with your business. It is a cost effective & durable solution that satisfies the requirements of a small business up to the international corporation, with global presence.

Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations - Connect & Distribute Online

Connect & Distribute Online

Connect Online with your partners & clients using e-Tourism Online Travel Distribution application and expand your reach, maximizing your sales & profitability on multiple distribution channels (Agents B2B Extranet & XML/JSON Web Services).

Take advantage of Cyber2Cyber technology and integrate with your partners, exchanging products, pricing & availability from e-Tourism Operations. Expand your product line & geographical reach, and become a major player in the marketplace.

Further integrate with your suppliers, streamline your supply chain and minimize operational & administrative costs (Suppliers B2B Extranet & XML Web Services).