Financial Accounting

Financial account management and reporting for travel companies. Control effectively your general ledger of accounts, cash flow, bank accounts,securities & checks. Produce requisite statements& reports, balance sheet and profit & loss account.

Cyberlogic Financial Accounting

Cash Register & Bank Accounts

Cash flow management. Control bank accounts/extraits and cash register records. Issue receipt and payment slips. Manage financial entries and company balance.

Check & Securities Management

Issue & manage company checks and securities. Plan check/security payments & receipts. Manage guarantee checks and your stock of checks from multiple banking institutions.

General Ledger

Manage multiple companies & company branches. Manage company accounts for Traders (i.e. customers, suppliers, debtors, creditors, etc). Update financial account records. Fixed asset & depreciation management. Administrative accounts and accounting consolidation. Balance of Account Statements for Traders. Balance sheet and profit & loss account statements. Reports & printouts for internal & official purposes. Generate export files for Tax Authorities.

Cyberlogic Financial Accounting - Financial Accounting for Travel Companies

Financial Accounting for Travel Companies

Travel companies have specialized requirements in terms of their financial accounting. Their account records is vital to be in-line with their commercial – operational activity.

Cyberlogic has developed a specialized solution in order to satisfy this requirement, ensuring always that accounting fully reflects the commercial & operational outcome of a Travel company.

Cyberlogic Financial Accounting - Integrated with e-Tourism Platform

Integrated with e-Tourism Platform

Cyberlogic Financial Accounting is an integral part of Cyberlogic e-Tourism Platform. All account records are automatically produced in-line with invoicing & cost control procedures that take place in e-Tourism Operations application. Manual entry is also supported for non-commercial/non-operational account records.

Account statements and financial information is available across the e-Tourism Platform ensuring that operations, commercial and accounting managers are fully aware of the financial outcome & policy of the company.