Mobile Excursions

Enable your local Reps & Sellers to sell excursions on the ground to tourists by using a mobile device or via the web. All vouchers could be also printed on-the-spot using mobile printers. Online access to download sales & liquidation reports is also provided.

Cyberlogic Mobile Excursions

Mobile Excursions Application

Provide 24/7/365 online access to your Reps – Sellers to search, book and print excursions vouchers remotely. Native mobile application for Android & iOS is supported for mobile phones and tablets. Mobile printers are also supported for printing excursion vouchers on-the-spot. Online payments via mobile EFT/POS or Web interface are supported.

Web Excursions Application

Provide 24/7/365 online access to your Reps – Sellers to search, book and print excursions vouchers remotely through a Web application which is accessible from PCs, Laptops/Netbooks, Tablets and Mobile Phones Web Browsers. Online payment via Web interface is supported.

Cyberlologic Mobile Excursions - Sell Excursions Online using Web & Mobile Devices

Sell Excursions Online using Web & Mobile Devices

Mobility & flexibility is the key to maximize your excursion sales. Use any type of mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop/netbook, etc) or desktop device anywhere and anytime.

Print vouchers and get paid by credit card or paypal on-the-spot using mobile printers and mobile EFT/POS devices.

Cyberlologic Mobile Excursions - Maximize & Yield your Local Sales

Maximize & Yield your Local Sales

Empower your local sellers to directly promote & sell excursions remotely and receive all sales automatically – online to the central database as they occur.

Monitor participation for all excursion sales and compare them to arrival figures. Yield your excursion sales dynamically in order to achieve maximum participation and profitability. Conduct special offers & promotions to reinforce excursion sales based on multiple criteria.

Cyberlologic Mobile Excursions - Streamline Operations & Logistics

Streamline Operations & Logistics

As all excursion sales vouchers are automatically received in the system as they occur, it becomes possible for the operations department to effectively organize & plan on-time their transportation – collection and subsequent services dispatching.

Cyberlogic Mobile Excursions application eliminates the administrative & communication gap between Reps and the operations department, improving the overall operational efficiency and the service quality towards the customers that participate in the excursions.

Cyberlogic Mobile Excursions - Integrated with e-Tourism Platform

Integrated with e-Tourism Platform

Cyberlogic Mobile Excursions application is an integral part of Cyberlogic e-Tourism Platform. All non-bookable content, products information, product price catalogs, availability, etc are centrally managed by e-Tourism Operations application.

All incoming reservations – vouchers are automatically sent/inputted to e-Tourism Operations for further processing. As an integral part of the e-Tourism Platform the system back office controls the mobile excursions application and system administrators easily manage the system operation from a single interface.

Keep your suppliers & reps always updated – providing real-time data through the B2B suppliers Extranet, where all outgoing export files and reports & lists derive directly from the central database of e-Tourism Platform.