Mobile MeetNGreet

Enable your airport personnel to easily greet and manage your tourists upon their arrival at the airport, using a mobile device. Organize effectively your tourists handling on the ground, check online the arrival lists, allocate tourists transportation on-the-spot, record non-shows& go-shows and check-in times.

Cyberlogic Mobile MeetNGreet

Mobile Application

Provide 24/7/365 online access to your airport personnel to greet and manage your tourists upon their arrival at the airport. Airport personnel is able to check online the forthcoming arrival lists (detailed client manifest), allocate tourist transportation on-the-spot, record non-shows & go-shows and check-in times. Native mobile application for Android & iOS is supported for mobile phones and tablets.

Cyberlogic Mobile MeetNGreet - Boost Customer Satisfaction Rates

Boost Customer Satisfaction Rates

Ensure that your customer experience is kept to high standards from the moment that they arrive at the airport. Empower your airport personnel to provide an undisrupted service ensuring that all tourists are efficiently validated & directed to their transfer vehicle or place of stay.

Minimize tourist waiting & processing time upon arrival, avoid bottlenecks and maintain an undisrupted flow from arrival to destination.

Cyberlogic Mobile MeetNGreet - Streamline On-The-Ground Operations

Streamline On-The-Ground Operations

Through their mobile devices all airport personnel is online updated with the latest amendments & arrival lists, with detailed information about vehicle dispatching & transfer order lists. On the fly & last minute changes are also logged, updating online the central database and the back office operators/administrators.

Keep detailed information about check-in & processing times, in order to operate effectively your on-the-ground & transportation services at high standards.

Cyberlologic Mobile MeetNGreet - Integrated with e-Tourism Platform

Integrated with e-Tourism Platform

Cyberlogic Mobile MeetNGreet application is an integral part of Cyberlogic e-Tourism Platform. All reservations information and arrival transportation lists – data is received online from the central database.

All information & statistics collected from the mobile devices is automatically sent/inputted back to e-Tourism Operations for further processing. As an integral part of the e-Tourism Platform the system back office controls the mobile application and system administrators easily manage the system operation using a single interface.